Dolce Avalanche+®

The warm and serene colour of Dolce Avalanche+® makes this new top rose an elegant symbol of grace and gratitude. The flower is white with a pink heart, the colour deepens during bloom. Very suitable for wedding flowers although the subtle shades are also dignified and appropriate for a loving final farewell. Dolce Avalanche+® has a big bud that always fully opens, stems with very few thorns and soft, herbaceous fresh green leaves.


This beautiful creamy yellow rose has a warm, Oriental look. The colour makes it a popular team player in mixed arrangements, but the rose is also perfect on its own. 'Savita' means 'sun' in Sanskrit. The name tells you everything you need to know about this strong rose with its large buds, noticeably soft leaves and beautiful ornamental stalk.

Inspired by Florists | Flower Factor | Dutch florist Sarah Dikker shows you a lovely idea to use different small vases for a flower 'still life'. Little effort, maximum result!

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Romantic Rose Arrangement

Nelleke Bontje made this eyecatcher in collaboration with Flower Factor. Would this look beautiful in your interior?

Modern Bridal Bouquet

Flower Factor - Pim van den Akker made this modern bridal bouquet with lovely Pink Avalanche+® & Avalanche+®.

A Big Beautiful Bouquet

Flower Factor | Sara Dikker makes the collaboration between multiple species of Arend Roses to a 'big beautiful bouquet'.

A Crazy Bouquet of Roses

Flower Factor | We could certainly go on with the thought of Sara Dikker: 'A Crazy Bouquet of Roses'. This bouquet is fantastic!