This beautiful creamy yellow rose has a warm, Oriental look. The colour makes it a popular team player in mixed arrangements, but the rose is also perfect on its own. 'Savita' means 'sun' in Sanskrit. The name tells you everything you need to know about this strong rose with its large buds, noticeably soft leaves and beautiful ornamental stalk.


This fantastic newcomer provides a beautiful palette in cream, green and blush pink, with a surprising colour shift from its cool centre. The rose has a large bud and a rich, round look that is reminiscent of vintage roses. The petals curl a little at the edges in a playful and happy way, giving the rose a lively look. Avantique+® is a mutant from the Avalanche+® family, with all the corresponding qualities.

We proudly present: Savita+ & Avantique+.
Let’s “Dream on” and enjoy!

Weitere Filme
Trailer Savita+ & Avantique+

Arend Roses launches on June 24, 2016 two new quality roses Savita+ and Avantique+. On Wednesday, June 29, 2016 available on Flora Holland Aalsmeer and through direct sales.

A Vintage Flower Arrangement

David Ragg creates a flower piece with a beautiful new variety of crisp white roses, called White Soda+. He shows you some nice techniques whilst making an arrangement with a vintage feel. With complimentary white swans in the background ;o)

A Festive Rose Arrangement

Two beautiful varieties have been reintroduced by Arend Roses: the lovely cream/champagne colored Talea+ and the soft pinkish orange Prima Donna+. Watch Dutch florist Chantal Vollenbroek create a festive design with these roses. Clever use of decorative wire; it provides a strong frame and adds a pretty detail to a simple glass container. Nice idea!

Two Bouquets of Roses

Nelleke Bontje made for Arend Roses in collaboration with Flower Factor these beautiful creations!