In bud, a beautiful large droplet and in bloom, a large-flowered beauty in a chic shade that sits somewhere between cream and champagne. Talea+ is Latin for 'tailor-made' or 'haute couture', but in the form of a majestic rose with a cheeky touch of salmon pink. A strong, warm look - beautiful material for bridal arrangements and modern statement designs.

Prima Donna+

Elegant blooming and a beautiful salmon colour come together in charismatic Prima Donna+. This large-flowered rose has a full flower bud and dark green leafing that offers a pleasant contrast to the soft pinkish orange, which is a truly fashionable shade. As the name suggests, Prima Donna+ takes centre stage as the leading lady in your bouquets and flower arrangements, where this rose offers a warm and cheerful tone and brings long-lasting freshness and beauty. Salmon coloured roses symbolize fascination, budding love and everything else that occurs prior to passion.

Two beautiful varieties have been reintroduced by Arend Roses: the lovely cream/champagne colored Talea+ and the soft pinkish orange Prima Donna+. Watch Dutch florist Chantal Vollenbroek create a festive design with these roses. Clever use of decorative wire; it provides a strong frame and adds a pretty detail to a simple glass container. Nice idea!


Altri film
Two Bouquets of Roses

Nelleke Bontje made for Arend Roses in collaboration with Flower Factor these beautiful creations!

A Floral Love Story

Klaus Wagener made in cooperation with Flower Factor this amazing eye-Cathers! He used our beautiful Red Eagle® and Black Baccara® roses.

A Flower Still Life

Flower Factor | Sara Dikker made some beautiful vases with our Dolce Avalanche+®  and Savita+ roses. They shine perfect just on their own.

Romantic Rose Arrangement

Nelleke Bontje made this eyecatcher in collaboration with Flower Factor. Would this look beautiful in your interior?