This beautiful creamy yellow rose has a warm, Oriental look. The colour makes it a popular team player in mixed arrangements, but the rose is also perfect on its own. 'Savita' means 'sun' in Sanskrit. The name tells you everything you need to know about this strong rose with its large buds, noticeably soft leaves and beautiful ornamental stalk.


This fantastic newcomer provides a beautiful palette in cream, green and blush pink, with a surprising colour shift from its cool centre. The rose has a large bud and a rich, round look that is reminiscent of vintage roses. The petals curl a little at the edges in a playful and happy way, giving the rose a lively look. Avantique+® is a mutant from the Avalanche+® family, with all the corresponding qualities.

Nelleke Bontje made for Arend Roses in collaboration with Flower Factor these beautiful creations!

Другие фильмы
A Floral Love Story

Klaus Wagener made in cooperation with Flower Factor this amazing eye-Cathers! He used our beautiful Red Eagle® and Black Baccara® roses.

A Flower Still Life

Inspired by Florists | Flower Factor | Dutch florist Sarah Dikker shows you a lovely idea to use different small vases for a flower 'still life'. Little effort, maximum result!

Romantic Rose Arrangement

Nelleke Bontje made this eyecatcher in collaboration with Flower Factor. Would this look beautiful in your interior?

Modern Bridal Bouquet

Flower Factor - Pim van den Akker made this modern bridal bouquet with lovely Pink Avalanche+® & Avalanche+®.