White Soda+

That sense of boundless opportunities of the fabulous 1950's, caught in a large-headed bright white rose: White Soda+. Clean and fresh as washed linen, fluffy clouds, Monroe's iconic flying skirt and the T-shirts of the Fonz in Happy Days. Innocent as a pin-up in mono bouquets and a refreshing retro element in mixed arrangements. White Soda+ is also perfect for wedding florals that ask for the kind of pure white only virgin snow has to offer. This strong rose offers a big bud that opens wide into a petticoat of petals. Its clean vibe fits seamlessly into the growing longing for that fresh uncomplicated optimism of the feel good fifties.

David Ragg creates a flower piece with a beautiful new variety of crisp white roses, called White Soda+. He shows you some nice techniques whilst making an arrangement with a vintage feel. With complimentary white swans in the background ;o)


Другие фильмы
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