Dolce Avalanche+®

The warm and serene colour of Dolce Avalanche+® makes this new top rose an elegant symbol of grace and gratitude. The flower is white with a pink heart, the colour deepens during bloom. Very suitable for wedding flowers although the subtle shades are also dignified and appropriate for a loving final farewell. Dolce Avalanche+® has a big bud that always fully opens, stems with very few thorns and soft, herbaceous fresh green leaves.

Freaky Avalanche+®

This fabulous fashionista is a true showstopper thanks to its unique patterns. The rose blushes from deep pink in the heart to bright white on the outside. In this process the petals show a gorgeous pattern in pink to almost purple, that looks as if nature had a really good day wielding its paintbrush. Freaky Avalanche+ is a trendy and stylish rose with all the unique characteristics of the Avalanche+®variety: long and strong stems with surprisingly few thorns, fresh herbaceous leaves and a remarkable big bud that always fully opens.

Arend Roses launches on July 15, 2016 two new quality roses Dolce Avalanche+® & Freaky Avalanche+®. On Monday, July 18, 2016 available on Flora Holland Aalsmeer and through direct sales.

Другие фильмы
Introduction Savita+ & Avantique+

We proudly present: Savita+ & Avantique+. \r\nLet’s “Dream on” and enjoy!

Trailer Savita+ & Avantique+

Arend Roses launches on June 24, 2016 two new quality roses Savita+ and Avantique+. On Wednesday, June 29, 2016 available on Flora Holland Aalsmeer and through direct sales.

A Vintage Flower Arrangement

David Ragg creates a flower piece with a beautiful new variety of crisp white roses, called White Soda+. He shows you some nice techniques whilst making an arrangement with a vintage feel. With complimentary white swans in the background ;o)

A Festive Rose Arrangement

Two beautiful varieties have been reintroduced by Arend Roses: the lovely cream/champagne colored Talea+ and the soft pinkish orange Prima Donna+. Watch Dutch florist Chantal Vollenbroek create a festive design with these roses. Clever use of decorative wire; it provides a strong frame and adds a pretty detail to a simple glass container. Nice idea!