Red Eagle®

When it comes to the premier league of red roses Red Eagle® is a very successful newcomer, thanks to its gorgeous bright red colour. The bud of Red Eagle® is a seductive hourglass shape that opens into a beautiful round red rose, with somewhat curled leaves. The bright red is maintained throughout the entire flowering season. Red Eagle® is a very desirable red rose in all seasons and is particularly suitable for Christmas arrangements and Valentine's Day.

Black Baccara®

Exotic, mysterious and making a spectacular comeback: Black Baccara. Thanks to its deep dark red velvet-like petals this rose looks almost black. Black Baccara is a dramatic beauty, one of the darkest roses in the world and perfect for arrangements in need of an eye-catcher with a sense of the theatrical. In bud it is rich and full, the rose opens widely, with slightly curly petals. This catches the light in a special way, accentuating the velvety appearance and texture of this magnificent rose.

Klaus Wagener made in cooperation with Flower Factor this amazing eye-Cathers! He used our beautiful Red Eagle® and Black Baccara® roses.

Weitere Filme
A Flower Still Life

Inspired by Florists | Flower Factor | Dutch florist Sarah Dikker shows you a lovely idea to use different small vases for a flower 'still life'. Little effort, maximum result!

Romantic Rose Arrangement

Nelleke Bontje made this eyecatcher in collaboration with Flower Factor. Would this look beautiful in your interior?

Modern Bridal Bouquet

Flower Factor - Pim van den Akker made this modern bridal bouquet with lovely Pink Avalanche+® & Avalanche+®.

A Big Beautiful Bouquet

Flower Factor | Sara Dikker makes the collaboration between multiple species of Arend Roses to a 'big beautiful bouquet'.