Classic white Avalanche+® is one of the most loved roses in the world. This top Dutch rose is known for its large bud that always opens fully. It is white in colour, with hints of green in the outermost leaves which nevertheless turn white when in bloom. Some very unique versions have a small red speck on the edge of the flower, as if they have been kissed by a beautiful woman.

The rose has a beautiful abundant shape both in bud and open, thanks to its many leaves. The unique thing about Avalanche+® is that the stalks have surprisingly few thorns. They have good proportions for both florist and end user. 

Pink Avalanche+®

Found in Arend Roses' greenhouse: an Avalanche+® rose in beautiful antique pink.


In bud, a beautiful large droplet and in bloom, a large-flowered beauty in a chic shade that sits somewhere between cream and champagne.

Red Eagle®

When it comes to the premier league of red roses Red Eagle® is a very successful newcomer, thanks to its gorgeous bright red colour.

Black Baccara®

Exotic, mysterious and making a spectacular comeback: Black Baccara. Thanks to its deep dark red velvet-like petals this rose looks almost black.