Pink Avalanche+®

Found in Arend Roses' greenhouse: an Avalanche+® rose in beautiful antique pink. Pink Avalanche+® is an absolute asset in year-round pastel arrangements.

A large bud that always opens fully, long, strong stalks and a very healthy vase life. Pink Avalanche+® is particularly suitable for flower arrangements for celebrating unconditional love. The colour is perfect for joyful, loving moments such as the birth of a child, Mother's Day and weddings.


In bud, a beautiful large droplet and in bloom, a large-flowered beauty in a chic shade that sits somewhere between cream and champagne.

Red Eagle®

When it comes to the premier league of red roses Red Eagle® is a very successful newcomer, thanks to its gorgeous bright red colour.

Black Baccara®

Exotic, mysterious and making a spectacular comeback: Black Baccara. Thanks to its deep dark red velvet-like petals this rose looks almost black.

Prima Donna+

Elegant blooming and a beautiful salmon colour come together in charismatic Prima Donna+.