This beautiful large-flowered rose comes in a soft pink with a hint of lilac. This gives the flower the feel of a true heritage rose, but paired with the quality of a modern top-of-the-range fresh cut flower.

Utterly romantic and subtle, perfect for bridal arrangements and other special occasions. In addition to this, Lovelace+ offers a true, authentic rose scent, which is unique for flowers at the top end of the spectrum and wonderfully surprising for anyone who comes across the Lovelace+.

First Gold®

Get the golden touch with this bright yellow beauty!

Parfume de Grande®

This 'grande dame' of roses has a lovely fragrance and a wild way of blooming. Parfume de Grande® is one of a kind.


This Arend Roses novelty absolutely has the Wow factor!


Classic white Avalanche+® is one of the most loved roses in the world.