Parfume de Grande®


With your eyes closed you can guess that this pink, wild blooming rose is a beauty pur sang. Her fragrance is irresistable and makes you think of a luxiourious perfume. Do not expect this rose to stay inside the lines, her wild look makes a perfect fit for abundant wedding arrangements or a romantic bouquet. 

The large flowerbud and exceptional vaselife this rose is one of a kind. The beautiful green leaves and the lenght and thickness of the stems are rare for fragrant roses. The stem only has a few thorns, which is a great plus when working with these roses. Smell is our most dominant sense. Memories made out of scents are stronger than any other memory. Imagine a wedding with these beautiful roses and maintaining that memory by buying a bouquet of them each year!



This Arend Roses novelty absolutely has the Wow factor!


Classic white Avalanche+® is one of the most loved roses in the world.

Pink Avalanche+®

Found in Arend Roses' greenhouse: an Avalanche+® rose in beautiful antique pink.


In bud, a beautiful large droplet and in bloom, a large-flowered beauty in a chic shade that sits somewhere between cream and champagne.