First Gold®

A new addition to our 'Varieties of Excellence'. This luxurious bright yellow rose is a real asset for our colour range. Her bright colour stays remained during the blooming process. Her full bud and abundant way of blooming makes this a versatile rose that can be used for many types of high quality flower arrangements. 

First Gold® is the golden touch to the large flowered rose assortiment in Dutch roses. A remarkable trait of First Gold® is her beautiful dark leaves, which makes her yellow colour to be shown to advantage. Also this rose has a strong stem with only a few thorns, this makes this rose nice to work with for florists. 

First Gold® offers a subtle, authentic rose scent, which is unique for flowers at the top end of the spectrum and wonderfully surprising for anyone who comes across First Gold®.

First Gold®

Flowersize 8-10 cm
Flowerleaves 40-50 per bud
50-90 cm
12-14 days



This Arend Roses novelty absolutely has the Wow factor!


Classic white Avalanche+® is one of the most loved roses in the world.

Pink Avalanche+®

Found in Arend Roses' greenhouse: an Avalanche+® rose in beautiful antique pink.


In bud, a beautiful large droplet and in bloom, a large-flowered beauty in a chic shade that sits somewhere between cream and champagne.