Freaky Avalanche+®

This fabulous fashionista is a true showstopper thanks to its unique patterns. The rose blushes from deep pink in the heart to bright white on the outside. In this process the petals show a gorgeous pattern in pink to almost purple, that looks as if nature had a really good day wielding its paintbrush. Freaky Avalanche+ is a trendy and stylish rose with all the unique characteristics of the Avalanche+®variety: long and strong stems with surprisingly few thorns, fresh herbaceous leaves and a remarkable big bud that always fully opens.


This fantastic newcomer provides a beautiful palette in cream, green and blush pink, with a surprising colour shift from its cool centre. The rose has a large bud and a rich, round look that is reminiscent of vintage roses. The petals curl a little at the edges in a playful and happy way, giving the rose a lively look. Avantique+® is a mutant from the Avalanche+® family, with all the corresponding qualities.

Dolce Avalanche+®

The warm and serene colour of Dolce Avalanche+® makes this new top rose an elegant symbol of grace and gratitude. The flower is white with a pink heart, the colour deepens during bloom. Very suitable for wedding flowers although the subtle shades are also dignified and appropriate for a loving final farewell. Dolce Avalanche+® has a big bud that always fully opens, stems with very few thorns and soft, herbaceous fresh green leaves.


This beautiful creamy yellow rose has a warm, Oriental look. The colour makes it a popular team player in mixed arrangements, but the rose is also perfect on its own. 'Savita' means 'sun' in Sanskrit. The name tells you everything you need to know about this strong rose with its large buds, noticeably soft leaves and beautiful ornamental stalk.

Flower Factor | Sara Dikker makes the collaboration between multiple species of Arend Roses to a 'big beautiful bouquet'. -

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A Crazy Bouquet of Roses

Flower Factor | We could certainly go on with the thought of Sara Dikker: 'A Crazy Bouquet of Roses'. This bouquet is fantastic!

Arend Roses | Official Launch Event | Red Eagle®

Arend Roses launched at 09-09-2016 Red Eagle® from breeder Kordes Roses. It is the sixth novelty, that they bring on the market this year.

Introduction Red Eagle®

Discover the Large-flowered rose of Arend roses named: Red Eagle®. And feel 'The Magic of the Red Eagle®'.

Trailer The Magic Of Red Eagle®

Arend Roses launches on Friday September 9, 2016 the new red quality rose Red Eagle®. On Friday September 9, 2016 available on Flora Holland Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg, Rhein Maas and through direct sales.